This is the official website of The Affect Conference: Memory, Aesthetics, and Ethics – an international conference scheduled for the 18th – 20th of September 2015 at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba and hosted by The Affect Project.

On this webpage, we invite conference delegates, presenters, keynotes and organizers to digitally mingle and begin the informal affect conversation in the comments section, or to follow the links provided to our twitter feed and facebook page.

Here, attendees can also find key information related to the event, as well as more general information about Winnipeg, the “Heart of the Continent”.

The conference takes place from 18-20 September 2015 at The Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

*PLEASE NOTE: The submission process for papers is now complete. Please return to the conference registration page in mid-August for more information about how you can attend panels and seminars.

About The Affect Project:

From affect as a cognitive phenomenon, through emotion as a motive for creativity, to empathy as a spur for community action and policy development, to the feeling that we belong in a given physical, social or cultural environment, affect is a significant but complex feature of our lived experience. Research on affect has progressed rapidly in recent years, owing to an expanding appreciation of its central role in guiding human attitudes, decision-making, and actions and owing also to developments in technology that have permitted more precise, moment-to-moment measures of affective response.

This conference will accordingly provide the kind of multidisciplinary forum that promises to be particularly productive in exploring the multifaceted nature of affect and of its influences on culture and lived experience. The goal of the conference is to engage academics and students from a broad range of disciplines in discussions and explorations of the social, ethical, political and cultural impact of affect and on the expression of emotion in individual experience and in the public realm.


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